Scooter Braun feels protective over Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande

Scooter Braun is very “protective” over Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande.

Scooter Braun

Scooter Braun

The 38-year-old music mogul – who manages the two stars – has known them for a long time, and he sees them more as “family” than friends.

He said: “I was talking to Alfredo Flores, and Alfredo was on the road with me and Justin for years as Justin’s videographer and actually he’s now on the road with Ariana. We were talking about how its become too normal for us that you get – I wouldn’t say jaded – you don’t realise, one concert you bring someone backstage … but when you’re doing sold out shows all around the world with multiple artists, it becomes something pretty phenomenal.

“I still see Justin, I don’t see Justin Bieber. I don’t see Ariana Grande. I see Ariana. I see them as humans and because I’ve been there from the start and I’ve seen them at their worst, I’ve seen them at their best … You become family with these people and you are naive. You know that at one point things might not work out like everything else. We have no intention of going separate ways. It’s wild when I see people reacting in a certain way because I don’t see them in that light. I get protective like family sometimes because in today’s world, we’re all allowed to say whatever we want. There’s no accountability anymore, you can literally make up a story and say whatever facts you want.”

Meanwhile, Scooter asks his clients to operate on a 50 50 split, and do half “privately for your soul” and the other publicly to help inspire others.

Speaking on the Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham, he said: “The things that I’m proud of in my life, the things I want to be known for are the philanthropy …

“Her [his wife], the kids and giving; those are things I’m proudest. Those are the things I think of. The shows I was a part of like Ariana in Manchester, helping with the Children’s March or the hurricane relief … When you get to certain place, that’s actually what matters. I have a rule with all my clients, as you know, and that’s 50 / 50. 50 per cent you should do privately for your soul, 50 per cent you need to do publicly despite any criticism because someone might be watching and you’ll inspire them.”

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