Prince William urges people to ‘protect the vulnerable’ amid coronavirus pandemic

Prince William has urged people to help “protect the most vulnerable” during the ongoing spread of coronavirus.

Prince William

Prince William

The 37-year-old royal met with medical workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic on Thursday (19.03.20), and sent a message to the people of the United Kingdom asking them to do what they can to “help reduce the spread of the virus”.

In a statement, he said: “All of us have a part to play if we’re going to protect the most vulnerable. That means acting on the latest expert advice, staying home if we or those we live with have symptoms, and avoiding non-essential contact to help reduce the spread of the virus.”

During his visit to medical workers – where he was joined by his wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge – William made a trip to the London Ambulance Service 111 Control Room, as well as giving support to the NHS service in Croydon.

And in a message to those working for the NHS, William said: “Catherine and I were proud to visit staff working at NHS 111, to pass on our personal thanks, along with those of my grandmother and father, to staff working around the clock to provide care and advice to those that need it most.”

The visit comes after William became the first royal to speak out about coronavirus – which is also known as COVID-19 – earlier this week, when he said he was pleased to have set up the National Emergencies Trust last year, as it can now help deal with the pandemic.

Speaking on behalf of the trust, he said: “I said at its launch last year that I dreaded the day when it would be needed. Sadly, with the outbreak of Covid-19, that day has come faster than any of us would have hoped.

“But now, more than ever, I am grateful that The National Emergencies Trust exists. It will ensure that support reaches those across the UK who need it most, as quickly and efficiently as possible. And it will help to ensure that all our efforts to overcome this challenge are channelled in the best possible way.”

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