Kesha grateful for Adele’s support

Kesha has described being publicly supported by Adele as “life changing”.



The 32-year-old singer went through a high-profile failed court battle to be freed from her recording contract with producer Dr. Luke after accusing him of abusing her, and she admitted having stars including Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and the ‘Skyfall’ hitmaker – who used her Brit Awards acceptance speech when she picked up the British Female Solo Artist in 2016 to back Kesha – speak out and say they were on her side was a huge “turning point”.

She said: “This is not a women vs women industry, and nor should it be perceived that way.

“Other people are being supportive of other people, because perfect strangers were so kind to me.

“I’ve never met Adele in person, though we’ve since chatted on email.

“She did not have to take that moment to speak out in support at the Brit Awards as she is a legend. So, to me, what she did was life-changing.

“It gives you the confidence to stay strong.”

And the ‘Praying’ hitmaker insisted she’ll never be pitted against other female artists.

She added to The Sun newspaper: “I love all these women and being in the same world as them. They are f***ing badasses.

“Women can do anything that boys do — and we have to do it in heels.

“That is something I’ve really learned on the last record — that I am not going to be pitted against other women, in any aspect of my life whatsoever, but especially not in my music career.

“”It’s not a race for men so it’s not for women either. I think it’s bulls**t.”

While Kesha thinks it’s harder to be female in the music industry, she’s vowed to stop hiding her emotions, even if it leads to being mocked.

She said: “It’s always been harder to be a woman in this business. You have to always be fine otherwise you’re ‘too emotional’ or ‘hysterical’ or ‘must be pre-menstrual’.

“In the past I’ve wanted to hide my emotions but now I’ve realised that, even being a strong woman, it’s just as important to know that somedays you won’t feel strong. And feeling emotional, sad, hurt or lonely is OK. Vulnerability is not a weakness.”

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