Eva Amurri’s life feels like a ‘blur’ after giving birth

Eva Amurri’s life feels like “a blur” following the birth of her baby son 10 days ago.

Eva Amurri and her kids (c) Instagram

Eva Amurri and her kids (c) Instagram

The 35-year-old actress – who is the daughter of Susan Sarandon – welcomed her third child Mateo into the world last week with her ex-husband Kyle Martino and has admitted she’s struggling to keep her emotions in check while people around world are isolating themselves to avoid the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

Taking to her Instagram account, Eva – who also has son Major James, three, and daughter Marlowe Mae, five, with Kyle – wrote: “IT’S A BLUR

“Desperate times call for desperate measures. My kids have watched a lot of screens this week/end and have eaten way less vegetables. Processed foods and “shortcuts” abound. My house is a mess. Laundry is piling up. Trying to bless and release the feelings of inadequacy that all this gives me. Feeling grateful to have @kylemartino here helping out and for my friends who keep checking in on me. It’s a weird time to be Postpartum for sure.

“Yesterday I “overdid” it and got really faint and started bleeding again pretty badly. It was a reminder to slow down and take it easy- that many things can wait and that I have to be tending to myself right now.

“If there are any other postpartum mamas following me and reading this, consider this YOUR reminder. (sic)”

A little over a month before Mateo was born, Eva and Kyle’s divorce was finalised.

The former lovers’ eight-year marriage was legally dissolved by the courts on February 4, 2020 – three months after they announced they had split.

Prior to giving birth, Eva said she didn’t want Kyle to witness the arrival of his third child because she wanted to feel she could “let go” during labour.

Writing in her blog, she said: “Our intimacy level has totally changed now that we aren’t a couple, obviously, and in order to really let go and allow labor to progress (especially with a home birth) it’s so important to feel completely at ease in your body and support … I’ve realised that having a strong female energy present at my birth this time is going to bring that for me.

“I’ve elected to have my female midwives, my awesome doula (also a woman), and some incredible girlfriends — who are all Mamas as well.”

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