Charli XCX feels ‘really high’

Charli XCX feels like she’s “really high” at the moment because of how quickly the world has changed since the coronavirus crisis spread around the world.

Charli XCX

Charli XCX

The 27-year-old singer has spent the past six days inside her home after Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged the nation to stay indoors to help slow the spread of COVID-19, which has already killed 16,527 people around the world at time of writing, and she’s still trying to get her head around her new way of life.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music, she said: “(The last time I left the house) was six days ago. Although we’re running low on some stuff now, so I might have to go out to a supermarket in a safe way and get some more supplies.

“I went out into my garden this morning, but I haven’t gone out on a walk, I haven’t left my property. It’s been six days and I have these moments where I’ll just be living my life and then suddenly I’ll have this kind of existential thought where I’m like, ‘Whoa, this is crazy. I’m doing this, but the rest of the world is also doing this. Everybody is inside their house. This is the world now.’ It kind of blows my mind.

“I feel like I’m really high or something and I’m like, ‘This is insane.’ This is life. What’s interesting as well is I’m fortunate enough that whilst, yes, I am inside, my circumstances have not drastically changed to a point where I’m in an extremely different situation. I don’t have to support a young family, I don’t have to support anybody who’s elderly, and suffering with the virus, and has a low immune system. I’m extremely lucky and fortunate to be in that situation.

“For me, when I look around my world, yes, it’s changed because I’m indoors and a lot of things have been cancelled. I think it’s the same for a lot of people who are also in my situation. That’s kind of trippy in itself because there’s been this massive change, but it’s also like we’re in this bubble. It’s kind of hard to register exactly how drastic it is. It’s this very strange catch 22.”

However, the ‘Break the Rules’ hitmaker has admitted she’s starting to get a little bit frustrated with staying indoors now but is trying to keep herself occupied.

She explained: “I’m definitely… the past two days I’m feeling like more kind of frustrated. I feel like even though I’m doing a lot of things like talking to you, going on live streams, I am beginning to feel that sense of purposeless.

“Like what am I doing, how can I be creative. I bought an easel and a paint set. I mean I’m terrible. It’s like not going to become a thing. I’m in the process of downloading Logic right now. So I’m like, okay maybe I’ll start making some stuff but I don’t know. The first few days I was kind of into it because I was like, wow, I never stay inside, I never enjoy my own space, this is really interesting, I’m actually enjoying the house that I live in but I never really like lived in it before. I’m always like, I’ve got to go out, I’ve got to do this but now I’m over that. That was four days ago. Now I’m done.”

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